Simple Claim Search Gadget

viaOne Dashboards


The Simple Claim Search gadget allows you to search for claims in viaOne view, using specified criteria.

Creating the Gadget

To add the Simple Claims Search gadget:

  1. Click Add Gadget in the top-right corner of viaOne Dashboards.
  2. From the Add Gadget screen, select Simple Claim Search and click Add.   
  3. Click Done.

The gadget appears on the active tab with the Settings tab showing.

Below is an example of the Simple Claims Search gadget with the setting options displayed:

This screen contains Simple Claim Search gadget setting options that will determine the way the gadget appears. See "Determining Settings", below.

Note: You can arrange gadgets by dragging and dropping them on the page (or between tabs).

Determining Settings

To define settings for the Simple Claims Search gadget:

  1. If the settings tab is not already displayed, click the icon from the gadget title bar.
  2. Enter the Title to appear in the title bar of the gadget; Simple Claim Search is the default option.
  3. Click Save.

Tip: Click theto display or hide field-level help text on the Settings screen; help text is displayed by default.

Gadget Description

The Simple Claim Search gadget allows you to search for claims in viaOne view, using specified criteria. Below is an example of the Simple Claim Search gadget:

Below is a description of search options available from the Simple Claim Search gadget:

Claim Search Options
Field Description
Claim/Case Field You can search for a specific claim or case by entering the claim number, case number, or alternate claim number in this field. You can enter any number of characters to search for claim numbers and alternate claim numbers. If you enter at least five characters, the search will display partial claim numbers matching the search criteria. (For example, you can enter 97543 and the system will display all claims that begin with 97543.) You do not have to enter dashes in this field.
Exact Match Select the Exact Match checkbox to narrow your search results to only those Claim Numbers, Case Numbers, or Alternate Claim Numbers that are an exact match.
Client If you have access to more than one client, enter the client number in the Client field or select the button located beside the field to pull up a list of available clients.
Last Name/First Name To search by the claimant's name, enter all or part of the claimant's first name and/or last name in the appropriate fields. If you enter a first name, you must enter a last name.
Phonetic Name Search If you do not know how to spell the claimant's last name, select Phonetic Name Search to search for a claimant whose last name sounds like the characters you entered in the Last Name field.
SSN Enter a Social Security Number in the SSN field to search for a claimant with that SSN; if you enter a full SSN, you must enter nine numeric characters (#########) with no dashes.
Last Four Digits Check this checkbox to search for claims by the last four digits of a claimants SSN.
Employee ID To search by a claimant's employee ID, enter the entire number in the Employee ID field.
Date of Birth Enter the claimant's birth date in the Date of Birth field; you must enter the date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YY). You must include a last name in the Last Name search field to search by date of birth.
Claim Status Check the appropriate checkbox(es) in the Claim Status section to search for open claims, closed claims or incidents. All options are selected by default. All claims and incidents are returned if no options are selected.
Line of Business To search for claims by line of business, select the appropriate options under Line of Business. Options are Workers' Comp, Disability, Auto Liability, General Liability, Property Liability, and Leave. When Leave is selected, the Incidents claims status option is disabled.
Phone Number To search by claimant's phone number, enter the entire number in the Phone Number field.

Searching for Claims

  1. From the Simple Claim Search gadget, enter the desired criteria in the fields provided and click Search to activate your search; the Search Results screen appears.
  2. From the Search Results screen, click the Claim/Case Number link to access Claim information in viaOne view.
  3. From the Simple Claim Search gadget, click Clear Screen to clear the selected search criteria and begin again.

For more information on the Search Results screen, see the "Claim Search" help.