Logging in to viaOne


Logging In to ViaOne

From the viaOne welcome screen, enter your user ID and password in the User ID and Password fields and click Login to access the viaOne application.

You are required to re-enter your password after 20 minutes of inactivity so that no one else can access the site from your idle work station. If you do not click a link, perform a search or enter a note for 20 minutes, your session will time out. If this happens, re-enter your login and password on the Welcome screen.

This topic does not apply to users who log in to viaOne through an employer or carrier portal.

Forgot Login or Password

If you cannot remember your user ID, contact Sedgwick Support Services at (866) 647-7610.

If you cannot remember your password, click the Forgot login or password link. Enter your user ID in the User ID field. If the user ID is recognized, Sedgwick Support will e-mail your password to you. Otherwise, you must contact Sedgwick Support Services at (866) 647-7610 to reset your password. 

Logging In for the First Time

If this is the first time you are logging in to viaOne, you will required to select a new password after you have entered your user name and the temporary password provided to you. You will also be prompted to specify a security question and answer used to identify you in the event you forget your password.

Selecting a new password

The following restrictions apply when selecting a new password:

Specifying a security question and answer

Select a security question and enter your answer in the fields provided. Remember your answer; you will need it to reset your password in the event you forget it.