Logging in to viaOne Using Two-Factor Authentication


About Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (TFA) requires you to verify your identity using two factors: your username and password, as well as an authentication code delivered via email or text message already on record. Authentication codes are one-time unique numeric codes composed of six random digits.

Once you have logged in with an authentication code, you may have viaOne "remember" the device (i.e., the browser[s] on your PC or phone) so that you do not have to request an authentication code each time you log in. You can register multiple devices to avoid repeating the TFA process on each.

If the Sedgwick client requires TFA to log in, you will be prompted to enter an authentication code when:

If you are using a browser in Privacy mode, you must go through the TFA process even if you have registered your device.

This topic does not apply to users who log in to viaOne through an employer or carrier portal.

Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication

If you are required to log in with two-factor authentication, an Authentication Required message is displayed on the Instructions tab.

Instructions Tab

Two buttons are available at the bottom of the tab:

Get Authentication Code Tab

The Get Authentication Code tab displays the delivery methods available for you to receive the authentication code. (Additional delivery methods can be added from the User Preferences page.)

Select Delivery Method:

Enter Authentication Code Tab

Enter the authentication code in the field provided.

Select the Remember this device check box to register the browser you are using to access viaOne. You will not be required to provide an authentication code when you next log in using the registered device, but you must still supply your username and password.

Click Submit to complete the login process.