Distributed Reports

viaOne Report


The Distributed Reports screen displays reports that have been shared with you. It is available to users after completing the New User Registration process.

Once the New User Registration process is completed, you have access to the Distributed Reports screen by using the report link or the URL to login to viaOne.

Distributed Reports Features

The following features are available:

Distributed Reports
Field/Element Description
Filters Filter reports to display only reports completed Today; in the past 7 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days; or ALL. The default filter is ALL.
Report Name

Completed report's customized name.

Report Info Original Base Report used to create the report.
Date Complete Date and time the report was completed. Click the arrow next to Date Complete to sort in ascending or descending order.
File Info

Displays information about the report file:

  • Pages: The number of pages in a .pdf file, or the number of rows (including the header) in a .csv file.
  • Size: The file's size in kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB)
  • Format: The file's format (.pdf or .csv).
Download Click to open or save the completed report as a .pdf file. See Downloading a Report, below.
View Criteria Displays the criteria specified for the completed report when applicable. See Viewing Criteria, below.

You can filter the Distributed Reports by Report Name, Report Info, or Date Complete by entering information in the boxes below each column name and clicking enter. Only reports that contain the information entered will display. Delete the information and click enter to display all reports.

Additionally, you can use the paging selector at the bottom of the section to define the maximum number of rows to display in Distributed Reports.

Downloading a Report

  1. Click the download button to open the File Download dialog box.
  2. Click Open to view the file.
  3. Click Save to save the report to your computer.

Follow your operating system's prompts for opening or saving the file to your computer.

Windows users: If you choose to open the report from the File Download dialog, the report opens in your PC's default viewer. To open it in another application, first save the file to your computer then open it within that application.

Viewing Criteria

Click the view criteria button to view the following information:

Distributed Reports will be retained for 120 days after the Requested Date. After 120 days, your access to that report will expire. The report creator can expire or revoke your access sooner than 120 days.

Downloaded reports are not to be forwarded to other email addresses. Reports can only be accessed when your email address is associated with a report, and should not be forwarded unless you have authorization from Sedgwick.